IRCODE is on a mission to transform the way individuals interact with images and information. Our intuitive platform empowers users to breathe life into static images and three-dimensional objects, transforming them into interactive gateways to information, entertainment and more. Every Image has an IRCODE Every image has a unique fingerprint that can only belong to […]


IRCODE revolutionizes retail advertising by transforming traditional visuals into interactive, measurable experiences. Using advanced AI-powered visual recognition, IRCODE allows consumers to engage with out-of-home (OOH) advertisements simply by pointing their smartphones at billboards, posters, or transit ads. This technology enables immediate recognition and interaction with retail ads, even if they are partially obscured or in […]

What are IRCODE’s Limitations?

IRCODE strives to be the best it can at image retrieval (and we’re the best out there) however, there are several use cases that we are still working on getting better at. Here are a few that will challenge our technology. 

How do I access IRCODE?

Our ideal scanning and registering experience is accessed through the IRCODE app, now available on iOS and coming soon to Android. You can also access IRCODE on any device through our website, which provides the ability to upload, explore and manage images, as well as your account and dashboard. 

Is there a cost to use IRCODE?

IRCODE is free for end-customer use and offers various subscription models for commercial partners depending on your needs.

How do you protect my data?

We use advanced encryption to protect everything in our database, including your images and embedded information. This ensures that you’re protected against unauthorized access.

What is IRCODE?

IRCODE (Image Retrieval Code) is an innovative new platform that scans real-life objects such as art, photographs, billboards, and posters, and turns them into interactive digital artifacts on your smartphone. Now, you can identify whatever’s in front of you and find out more about it.