Frequently Asked Questions


IRCODE is on a mission to transform the way individuals interact with images and information. Our intuitive platform empowers users to breathe life into static images and three-dimensional objects, transforming them into interactive gateways to information, entertainment and more.

Every Image has an IRCODE

Every image has a unique fingerprint that can only belong to that set of pixels. IRCODE simply maps that unique fingerprint and embeds information about the image itself into the IRCODE. Ultimately authenticating the image through the use of IRCODE

What makes IRCODE so extraordinary is that our platform can not only recognize and differentiate unique images, but it also enables users to register them. Upon registration, users can ensure that they are the exclusive holders of the metadata for that specific image, granting them unparalleled ownership and control of their creative assets in the digital realm.

Think of IRCODE as the QR Code for the next generation, except users can register and embed metadata in actual images and objects instead of those obtrusive patterns and squares. Instead, the beauty and integrity of the original image or object are maintained, all while embedding a universe of information within.