Make every image an experience

Reach your audience - and let your audience reach back

Meaningful Engagement Anywhere

Embed any passive visual, image, object, or media with interactive, digital information.

Make every touchpoint interactive

Deliver custom, digital experiences anywhere, engaging audiences and building connections.

Build retargeting audiences

Gather insights and enable retargeting to drive sustained engagement across channels.

Leverage Advanced Image Recognition

Fueled by a powerful neural network, our technology can identify any visual at lightning speed.

Unlock advanced analytics

IRCODE powers precise measurability and attribution in any visual, object, or placement – analog and digital alike. With detailed engagement metrics, gain insight into when, where, and how users interact and engage with every touchpoint, from billboards to packaging, to help you understand your visual impact in real-time.

Seamlessly Bridge the Digital and Physical

The future of advertising – interactive, intelligent, and interconnected.

Your Questions, Answered

Still have questions? Don’t worry!

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